[one_half_last]Fashion can define a woman’s identity for herself and those who see her. Just as a famous American leaders have been identified by the type of clothes they wear, the fashion industry will continue to have a major influence on humanity, American women, particularly those in the business world, own a number of suits that are worn in various cuts and dimensions, but with careful emphasis on subdued, corporate colors such as gray, black, and beige.

Women in the 20th Century displayed bold gestures which have made an impact in being identified as equal with men. During those times, these brave and bold ladies who wore what had been traditionally known as “men’s clothes,” – such as the traditional black suit – were often mocked because of their unusual fashion sense. Although these changes brought about social resistance, the trend has paved way for the new American woman.[/one_half_last]

Though cuts and fabrics may change, the business suit industry for women has a good chance of remaining in style. It is very likely that the classic men’s-inspired cut will always be present in every business woman’s wardrobe as part of their “take charge” look in the corporate arena. If business women want to be more feminine, skirt suits in pencil cut and peplum jackets are great options that speak to a woman’s power in the business world. The simple pinstripe in subdued colors of black, brown and gray has remained a staple of the power-suit wardrobe over the years. Add to the recipe a good tailor and perhaps some changes from old to new buttons and that old jacket is now part of your new wardrobe. The same is true for minor alterations in the cut of the skirt or pantsuit, and can provide a major makeover.





Major movies throughout the years have modeled the evolution of business suits. There is no place like Hollywood that speaks as loudly on fashion. Movies of the 1940’s introduced the pantsuit with the leading lady looking smart and strong. The 50’s paved the way for skirt-suits that displayed glamour, femininity, and power. Women in those days slowly gained their place in the world. Since then, the classic suit for American women has evolved into a style we commonly admire today.


The business suit is a fashion survivor. Over the years, it has been a dominating force in the business fashion industry – the wardrobe of every American woman in the corporate world. It speaks of power, fame, and style. The woman’s business suit has been a smart choice and will always be a great choice for a fashionable and influential business look.