Cinderella has gone out of the picture. And who has taken her rightful spot? Nonetheless than the fashion loving slash shoe addict Carrie Bradshaw. Who doesn’t know her? (You’re out of the picture too gentlemen). Perhaps if not all, most women can relate to Carrie’s more often than not everyday dilemma – the red or the black pair of Louboutin pumps.
I’m 27 years old and I could not give an exact of number of how many pairs of shoes I have had. Perhaps women were cursed with the “shoe curse” in that we can’t seem to get satisfied with having a few pairs in the rack. What is it with shoes that cause our blood pressure to rise and make our heart beat twice as fast when we see them on the window of our favorite shop? Why do women need more shoes? — The old age million dollar question that has been asked by so many men.



The truth is women are IN LOVE with shoes! Women want style, we want to look good. Women want variety and shoes often offer variation than any other apparel present in the market today. Not to mention the comfort and protection that these pairs give us plus its wide variety of style, color and brand all within our reach. Good deals are also very much available in the market and while it’s true that women are born shoppers, we just can’t turn down a good deal on a pair of shoes. A huge signage which reads “SALE” temporarily hypnotizes us directly into that store until we go out from that store with a shopping bag! The acquisition of several good pairs of shoes also boosts our self-confidence. With our heads held high, we gracefully conquer the world with a strikingly red patent peep toes Mary Janes! How’s that?


Researches have also shown how different types and styles of shoes define a woman’s personality: sneakers and rubber shoes speak of a sporty type of woman who loves to be active all the time, who loves sports and the gym, that woman who loves to sweat it all out; stilettos and high-heeled pumps portray sophistication and class and speak of women in power, those female executives for example while flats and baby doll shoes depicts comfort and being more of a laid back kind of woman who wants to keep it cool and simple. But whichever type of shoes you prefer, we certainly don’t want our shoes to represent the “real us”, do we? Let our shoes be simple representations of what we want ourselves to express through our fashion but not substantially define us.


So is it all right to love shoes? Yes of course it is! Like I said women are cursed for loving shoes. So long as our love for these lovely pairs do not get the best of us (having our credit card’s limit maxed out, borrowing money we certainly can’t pay off for a pair of the new fall season’s collection), then it is perfectly fine.


Now I don’t want to rationalize women’s rights for wanting to have more shoes, I am also a self-confessed shoe lover. But if you have the capacity and resources for acquiring shoes and you have the fantasies of owning several designer pairs, then you are a certified woman of today and you have every right to lust for shoes.

In conclusion, women love shoes. It’s a fact. Gentlemen, just live with it.