Last Christmas, I received the Vitamix Blender and I have been very happy since then because I received a blending machine of my dreams. Although I had been reading a lot of Vitamix Blender reviews, I would have waited for another 3 months but luckily, my spouse came home with it as a Christmas gift. This is a high performance blending machine that assists my family to prepare meals quickly. Before, I used to see this gadget in finest restaurants here in Colorado and I never thought that I would own one. I now eat healthier since I own this machine. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables from the ground to the table has now become a complete nightmare. I can now make great vegetable and fruits smoothies. I also make quick soups when fixed up.


Why is there so much hype about Vitamix Blender?


Vitamix Blender is more efficient that the other blender that you see in the market today. Instead of running on one motor, it has two strong ones optimized for great results. Vitamix Blender also comes with high-efficiency radical cooling fans and does not make a lot of noise – of course you don’t want to wakeup your neighbors. Reading through the product description, I noticed that this blender has low-friction ball-bearing motor and this means they are built to last. I use the blender at least two times a day and I make flavors with 80% of vegetables and 20% of fruits without any problems. Its accelerator prevents the tools from hitting the blends in order to produce thicker healthier mixtures.


Important Features of vitamix_blender

Total nutrition and whole food gadget


One thing I like about Vitamix Blender is the way it allows me to make hot/cold soups, flours and smoothies aside from nut butters. This machine does a decent job. If you are like me and probably love a lot of watery vegetables like cucumbers, you will get enough liquid and avoid using lots of water to make juices Vitamix Blender can also be used to bled full pitcher with some kales and once you strain the mixture, you get around 6 cups of juice enough for your family. So, you don’t need to buy a blender and a juicer separately – Vitamix Blender is an “all-in-one” solution and can do both jobs simultaneously.


Juicing helps me to ingest a good concentration of minerals and enzymes found in fruits. Although fiber is good for me, sometimes it’s quite filling. So, Vitamix Blender has really helped me and my family to prevent digestive issues and its juicing power helps me to get enough nutrients on my body system. I love smoothies very much and this is the reason why Vitamix Blender has become a good life companion. At least my spouse bought something that I have always dreamt o own since I used to stop and listen in most stores when the blender was being demonstrated.


I am going natural without too much money



Amazing vitamix_blender

Although I and my family have not gone fully organic, I am taking more veggies and fruits. My doctor told me that I am building a strong foundation since I have increased the intake of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. I am also using direct concentrates of nature’s best ingredients. With my Vitamix Blender, I am now taking lots of spinach juices with less than $399 and a 5 years warranty. During the weekends, I stay home and instead of concentrating on eating raw bananas, pineapples and passion, I make a lot of smoothie and juices for every member of my family to drink.


Vitamix Blender has literally changed my life


As a busy mom, Vitamix Blender has really changed my life for the best. I can make nutritious smoothies in minutes and this makes my lifestyle less stressful. Whether I like to make smoothies, liquid-like juices or thicker-nut pastes and creams, Vitamix Blender is the a good tool for me. Vitamix Blender can suit any needs irrespective of your preferences. It does not matter whether you want to do gourmet raw foods or just thick nut pastes – just go ahead and purchase Vitamix Blender.


Top Features and Benefits of Vitamix Blender


Benefits of vitamix_blender

Vitamix Blender is quite impressive and has lots of benefits. I am going to summarize them for you so that you understand this juicer and blender well:

  • Lightweight canister for easy portability – Even my grad-daughter can lift the Vitamix Blender whenever I want to prepare smoothies or juices. The tool is also easier to clean than the traditional glass style.
  • Low power motors – you no longer have to worry about power issues. Vitamix Blender works in US and other countries and runs on 120V.
  • Responsive customer support program – buy Vitamix Blender today and get up to 5 years of warranty. Whenever, you have a problem, you can phone the manufacturer and either guide you to fix the problem or send a replacement. This is a true test of the company’s loyalty to their thousands of customers and in case you physically damage the blender, you can get a free return label and send the blender back to be repaired in less than a week.
  • The product dimension is 13 X 17 X 13 inches so it does not inconvenience you when you are using it and can fit in a small space.
  • Weighs just 15 pounds and is available for shipping in major countries outside United States.
  • Average customer reviews in major sites – 4.6 out of 5 stars. Vitamix Blender has also been featured as one of Amazon’s best selling blender in the Kitchen and Dining category.


My recommendation for Vitamix Blender


My spouse understands one thing when it comes to buying stuff, “Buy quality and cry once”. Today, he is very happy because we can make more than smoothies. Although he parted with some $400, he really enjoys great Pesto, some soups in a while and nourishing Coleslaw. I used to make hot soup before with a knife and hot pots but I am now doing great with this new modern tool. Vitamix Blender is a better deal for me. Just like my family, don’t buy cheap stuff and cry every time, its time to honestly spend $400 and buy a tool that will help you to make nutritious juices and smoothies  in minutes. I hope this Vitamix Blender review will help you to make a decision and probably try it today- it ships to most major destinations worldwide!