Food and nutritional affirmations form a convenient way to give your body the nourishment that it needs towards better living. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming to choose the best type of food when all the tastes are coming your way. To get around this, you must set daily dieting reminders while using effective tools. The right food propels your body and a good nutritional plan makes things easier. Although you can slip from your meal plans due to temptations, there are safer anti-temptation tools that will help you to quickly refocus your mind towards a healthy dieting goal.


Avoid indulging in non-healthy habits

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a position where all your friends are eating snacks, burgers, and cookies while drinking all sorts of sugary refreshments. It can be quite tempting but you should tell yourself that this is not the kind of food that your body desires. To be safe, make a healthier choice, rather than concentrating on fatty and sugary stuff that won’t add value to your body. Making the right choice in such situations and train for positive affirmations will help you replace junk foods with healthier choices.






Stick to your diet

Positive affirmations will help you to quickly stick to your diet. Your body requires a lot of nourishment but you must also satisfy your ego that you have consumed tasty foods. Replace all negative and spiral thoughts that will make you to beat around food choices due to temptations. Focus on positive and powerful affirmations. Believe and always try to control your thirsts, cravings and wrongful desires for non-healthy eating habits.

Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations

When you make powerful commitments and prepare yourself for change during moments of weakness, you can simply build a good foundation and start practicing the top 10 affirmations. Memorize the positive statements each day and make sure you can repeat all of them without forgetting.

Temptations will always hit you the hardest when you are unprepared; here is the list that should make you stronger:


1. I am well able to counter bad habits with the right foods, exercises and healthy living.
2. I am comfortable to easily reach my support network rather than relying on junk food for comfort.
3. I want to burn extra calories to loose weight because I love my body.
4. I will always have extra time for the sake of my benefit.
5. My efficiency and body vigor comes from the right kind of food that I choose to eat each day
6. Just like weight gain, loosing weight is a slow process, so I am prepared for a lifestyle change and great patience.
7. I will crave for self-care rather than self-control
8. The more I become careful with what I do, the more my life feels better.
9. I am committed to set a firm healthy foundation by staying active throughout my life.
10. I really deserve to have a healthy mind and body.





The 10 food affirmations list comprises the best and most practical ideas that will definitely change your behaviors and thoughts towards a better lifestyle. Say them aloud whenever you are struck by temptations and change your negative food mindset completely. By carefully practicing the ideas, your wishes will become a reality with time. Believe that change is part of your life and success will come knocking at your door. Definitely, your negative attitude towards food will change and you will always be thankful for the 10 food & nutritional affirmations.