[one_half_last]You’ve felt the striking pain, whoa it hurts! Breaking-up could be the worst feeling in our lives that you just want to lock yourself alone letting your tears flow with a hugging pillow as your sole witness. Although it’s normal to grieve over lost especially for the object of affection who happened to be your long-term boyfriend, loving husband or fling from the chat room, it’s not good to linger on the same scenario repeating old odd story over and again that even your most patient friend would say–“Oh come on, please just move on”.[/one_half_last]

[one_half]The truth is you don’t even want to feel it. In fact, you regret every moment of wanting to connect with him, trying to stalk him on Facebook and see howhis life after the break-up. Getting over with someone is easier said than done. Don’t start freaking because you are not alone. Everyone experiences the same sentiments because biologically our body undergoes some chemical processes that somehow make us feel that way. It’s how you cope with break-up that matters. Your approach to getting-over a break-up should focus in addressing all core aspects including the physique, emotions, mindset and spirituality in a holistic manner.[/one_half]



The Physical Approach

During lost, we feel down. At times, our innate remorse can manifest symptoms like headache, fatigue and muscle weakness. Sometimes, we are tempted to hang around with friends inviting them for a bottle of beer. Others cope with their anxiety by sucking deadly cigarettes and drinking endless mugs of coffee. And worst, for few who opt to dose themselves with prohibited drugs.

If not, you’ll indulge yourself with tasty sweet trips to ice cream shop and pizza parlor gaining pounds in a week which is extremely dangerous to your health and body image. Now, think again. Is he worth all these stuff? Instead, focus on your wellness. Take your mind away from sad thoughts and meditate. Always think of the positive side. Someone out there deserves you better.



Mind- Setting and Coping with Emotions

I feel the pain, what can I do? It’s normal to feel the remorse. Running away with it isn’t a solution. We all go through the grieving process. Not until you accept it, you’ll never get over it. Let your feelings free. Cry and express all out. Unload your hurt feelings by writing. Surround yourself with positive and happy people. Go out and have fun. Don’t get wasted. Every time you think of calling him, try the 60-second rule. I’ve tried it, it really works. Hold that intense desire and do something else. Try to do moderate to intense exercise to increase endorphin levels to keep you lively. You’ll realize that you have better things to do than obsessing.



Improving Your Spiritual Bonds

Be grateful in everything you have and whatever you do. That way, you’ll find good things even in the worst situations. It makes acceptance easier if you forgive. And more as this brings peace to our chaotic heart.

Focus on other people’s needs instead of whining when you are depressed and stress-out. Get involved in civic activities by helping others. Avoid totally isolating yourself and stop wasting your time over thinking. Be spiritually grounded by attending to religious activities and you will see yourself enlightened.