And so a new leaf has opened for all of us as we joyfully embrace 2013 and everything it has in stored for us, both the successes and the challenges. But of course, hopes and goals won’t be possible without giving the year that was a quick flashback.

Let me begin by saying that just like everyone else, last year had given me quite a good share of ups and downs, successes and challenges, but most of all it has provided me with a fruitful bowl of learning and realizations that will surely help me get through this New Year.

With the amazing support I got from my family, friends and colleagues, I had the grandest opportunity and honor of launching two very astonishing and superb projects: Divatise and Wake Up Your Warrior.

I have always been enthralled with the idea of helping my community in ways that are unique to me, my talent, resources and what I can do. And these two very beautiful projects have extremely done a great job of making my dreams become reality. As a woman who have faced similar struggles and life challenges with all other women not only in my community but the whole world as well, I feel I have the responsibility to assist and make women across the world empower themselves and make them say, “I can do things because I am a woman”.



Divatise has continually encouraged women to persevere and work even harder for what they want to achieve by countering the typical definition of a “diva” which had quite garnered a negative concept in people’s minds. Instead of being a “diva” which translates into the stereotyped woman who has attitude and superiority complex, the “diva” in Divatise, takes and reforms this definition that can help benefit women; that is, by getting the right attitude in acquiring and accomplishing dreams and goals. Divatise divas embodies the modern-day self-empowered and driven women of the community who are holistic. They love fashion and beauty, they appreciated motivation and challenge, and they showcase creativity, versatility and innovation. Everything a modern day woman needs to have rolled into one.


Everything that transpired the past year had helped me realize my role and most of all, 2012 had moulded me into a person, a woman at that, who knows her self-worth and is never fearful of showing that to others. The past year had erased the concept of women being contained and limited to house chores and responsibilities – something the Divatise actually makes its Divas realize.

2012 had helped me send the message across women in my community through these beautiful projects. And yes, this year will definitely be a bigger year for these two stupendous and immense projects.




As a businesswoman and a survivor of life myself, the greatest realization I have acquired from the year that was, is that everything is not all about money. While the monetary aspect of making life better is indispensable, life is not solely limited to it. If you sincerely have the motive of helping other people, money itself will find its way to you as it similarly becomes a helpful vehicle to furthermore reach out and become a blessing to others.

So now that 2012 has culminated, I shall be working with the same conviction and motivation on reaching out, helping and empowering women through my two projects. I am delighted and overjoyed that I somehow found the courage of pursuing my passion. Had I listened to the negative voices that told me I couldn’t do it, there could’ve been a lot of women stuck and stranded in the idea that they are only women and not that they are women!

For 2013, I am excited for whatever life throws at me. I will be ready for more success and for more determination to meet challenges. But of course, I could not do all these without the support of my family, friends, and women like you! Let us then work together toward that prize!

See you around, my ladies! Cheers to a great year that was, and for an even greater year to come! J Cuddling Moments With Mom and Dad