Every woman wants to look at their best. The way they dressed makes them feel at their best. For people with a great fashion sense, knowing the latest fashion trend will be your greatest weapon to look good. For the spring fashion sense, let us consider the fashion designers that are involve in making their collection for this specific time. Their views of fashion and other aspects will draw the latest trend that people will follow and make up the spring fashion 2013.



This spring’s fashion includes monochromatic trumps multicolored, lots of patterns, the ever reliable colors of springs, a touch of the future, showing of some skin, dark and light colors, and lastly sport influence designs. Monochromatic designs and colors are made by only having to colors in contrast. When we mean by contrast the colors are presented to be exact opposites. For examples is the color of black and white. A show of many patterns is also part of the spring fashion this 2013. Patterns can vary from abstract images and shapes to fixed shapes like squares and circles. Combination of patterns will also be an integral part of this year’s fashion sense.



As what the seasons dictates, the emergence of the colors during spring will be the main color pool for this season’s fashion. With this said, floral colors like lilac, mint green and tangerine will rule the catwalk this year’s spring. The color contrast will still take effect as what we have said earlier. The concepts of futuristic designs are quite subtle but still one of the changes that will happen for this spring fashion. The touch of color silver with different from ordinary headgears are the highlight of this concept. Though not many designers will venture to do this concept and for those that will have to put in a lot of effort to make it work.

There will also be a conscious effort to create designs that will show some skin. This is in relation to the actual change in the season and the show of skin amplifies the actual event of the season. Usual designs would include bralet tops and see through clothing. With this said, sporty designs would also bloom at this time. Sportswear that presents shape of the body or bares the proportions of the body will be the highlight of this season’s fashion. Dark and light colors are still one of the best ways to create different views of designs. In this season, that concept will be highlighted in terms of colors use in all facets of the design. By this we mean that the dress should have a different color shade than the other clothing that it is paired with.

In finality, spring fashion will have little changes compared to last year. The main difference would be the use of the spring colors. Last year was a bit over in terms of using the color while this year we will have the more subtle use of the colors of spring.