Times have been constantly the battle of sexes; from who dominates the world to who works better. But enough of this competition, you are not made a woman for nothing. You are one because you can be one. And while being one is never easy (we tell you guys!), there are still things that make it more fun. So instead of ranting about how difficult it is to be a woman, read on the perks of being one:



We can blame our hormones for our mood and behavior.

Women are known to be changeable, erratic and unpredictable. Yeah, call us whatever but you see this is not something that we intentionally do. A woman’s body is far more complex than a man’s. Talk about all the hormonal changes that accompany menstruation, childbirth and menopause, yes, we have bodily issues, guys; and they’re not something that we have actually control over.


These mood swings are scientifically related to all the bodily changes that transpire within; and thanks to these, the opposite sex have learned to be more patient with us and reason out: “it’s the hormones” or “it’s that time of the month”. See? It’s not that bad after all; our ever-changing mood fluctuations can be blamed on something.


We can use our built-in charms when we need it the most.

There goes the traffic officer handing you the speeding ticket, again! You take a breath and conjure your inner diva as you flash him the biggest prettiest smile – that’s our built-in charm, ladies. Most of the time, it saves us from an embarrassing situation and my, it works all the time. Women are known to be charmers, no wonder we make the best sales agents and marketing professionals in the world. Be thankful you’re a woman, otherwise; you’ll most likely end up if fist-fighting actions instead of just smiling and winking those peepers.





We can use our damsel-in-distress-modus to get help.

Although times have changed; women are known to be equally independent as the men, still women are perceived to be the ones that need taking care of rather than the men. So if you get caught up in those situations where you need help, say getting a quick cab at the grocery store, you can always entice men to offer you their cab ride first my flaunting that damsel-in-distress look. It is men’s automatic response to aid a lady in distress as this makes them more masculine and us, princesses.


We get whole lot of privileges being women.

There are various other perks that only we women can enjoy and avail of; the maternal leave of absence (with pay) in our work right after giving birth, or the ladies’ first rule during a buffet at a party – these are just some of the existing perks still being awarded to women of today. And these should be the times that you feel more grateful for being a she.


Womanhood is both a challenge and a gift. It always depends on what perspective you’d like to look at it. If you learn to see the paybacks of being a woman, the more you’ll appreciate your existence.