Recent news of celebrity divorces include reports that superstar singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have finally officially divorced…after almost three years since they went their separate ways.

 While it’s not uncommon for divorce proceedings to take many months, the Lopez-Anthony divorce certainly took longer than most. The reason: detailed negotiations over their child-custody agreement. Neither party has opted to require spousal or child support, but both helped hammer out an agreement that outlines numerous specifics on how future decisions regarding their six-year-old twins will be managed. Such decisions mentioned in court documents cover everything from where the children will go to school to whether or not they will be expected to work or allowed to join the military.

For now, the twins will reside primarily with Lopez and spend seven days a month with their father, accompanied by their nannies. If any disagreements regarding custody or future decisions regarding the children should arise, Lopez and Anthony will be required to work through a mediator.

 Fortunately the average divorce does not usually require up to three years to be finalized. Many divorces take about one year from the time of separation, with most taking between six months and two years. This often varies widely, however, based on a number of factors. A party who drags his or her feet or refuses to compromise on even the simplest of matters would be one such factor. Court schedules also impact how long some divorces take. And contentious issues involving finances and child custody can, of course, significantly prolong the divorce process.

     Worried Getting a Divorce will Take Too Long?

 This is an important question to consider, especially since there are costs involved and proper procedures must be followed. While it may be tempting to get a divorce as quickly and inexpensively as possible, attempting to do so can make the process even more drawn out, difficult, and expensive in the long run.

 Your first step to securing a divorce should involve contacting a reputable and highly regarded divorce lawyer who has the experience necessary to clearly answer your most pressing questions and explain how the process works.

 People in a rush to get a divorce often fall prey  to scams.  Scammers can quickly and easily set up a fake legal practice website that looks legitimate and offers bargain-basement prices but requires online payment. Signing up for such a program can lead you to give a scammer your money – and your credit card number – in exchange for nothing.

Another reason to avoid online get-divorced-quick schemes involves the need to meet with your lawyer and make sure he or she is a good fit for you. You want to work with an experienced divorce lawyer who will listen to your concerns and take time to understand the outcomes you would like to achieve. You also want to know first thing that questions such as “How long will this whole process take?” will be answered truthfully and backed up by detailed explanations that help you feel comfortable going forward.

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