I am happy with my life for many reasons. Each day provides a wondrous experience. My eyes and ears are witnesses with the positive things that happen around me day by day.


Not knowingly, there are many things in life we usually take for granted; from the food that we eat, from the clothes that we wear, from the air that we breathe and so on. I stay put to notice them from moment to moment. I remain open to the good that life holds for me.


I take in the moments when I get to have interactions with others. Moments like when my partner calms and comforts me when I am stressed-out; when my co-workers share their wisdom for my own guidance or even when a neighbor helps me start my car, offers me a ride to work when I need it, and treat me a heavy loaded meal when I am tightening up my belt.


Even the weather is a blessing for me. The sun gives me a warm hug, the cool breeze gives me a relaxing feeling, the rain falls makes me feel alive, and the snow covers beautiful scenery. For me, I am privileged to witness such wonderful art of nature.


When a situation irritates me, I look for a positive benefit. Beyond these bad situations, I believe that there is something good in it, that there is something that I can learn from it that will develop me as a person.

Good things

I see the good in each day.

Today, I look to what’s positive in every moment and experience I am in. I make every effort to appreciate the goodness that comes my way every day.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Do I notice the good things that occur every day?
  2. Can I find something good even in situations that may be unpleasant at the time?
  3. How can I open my eyes and soul to all of the good things that take place daily?