Who loves Santana Lopez, the Glee’s pretty cheerleader? Quite popular for her role in musical comedy, Naya Marie Rivera also took small roles in various films like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Live Shot, Even Stevens, The Master of Disguise, The Royal Family and many more.


Short Autobiography


Naya is at mid-20s yet she has been very successful in the entertainment industry. Naya is an American actress and singer born on January 12, 1987 in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California. She got her great genes from the mixed blood of her ancestors. Naya is half Puerto Rican although she also had African American and German blood.

Her mother, Yolanda Rivera was also a model that’s why Naya lived most of her life at Los Angeles because her mother’s career was there. Nickayla, her sister, is also a model. She has another sibling named Mychal Rivera.

Rivera’s Career


It could be written in the stars, Naya is destined to be where she was now. Her first commercial was with Kmart when she was a baby. Later as young as 4 years old, Naya started to perform on cameras. She took the role of Hilary Winston in the move The Royal Family. It’s a wonderful show with initial high ratings but after Redd Foxx suffered a cardiovascular attack, The Royal Family was later cancelled. In this series, Naya received the Young Artist Award nomination.


Later then, Naya’s performance brought her to small roles in various movies and series. It was in 2002 when she started to appear in music video – B2K’s Why I Love You. In the same year, she was requested to guest on The Bernie Mac Show where she was later brought back to perform more episodes for five seasons.


Off the camera, Naya worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, as telemarketer and nanny while taking her shots waiting for bigger role. After 4 to 5 years, in 2006 -2007, she took a role under Mark E. Swinton’s play entitled U Don’t Know Me: The Musical.


The year 2009 is a lucky year for Naya. The breakthrough of her career at long last has come. She auditioned to catch the opportunity to sing and dance in the Fox’s musical comedy series – Glee. With her passion to play Santana’s cold hearted image, Naya indulged her own high school experience to internalize the role.


Later in 2011, Naya got two nominations for ALMA awards in different categories – Favorite Female Music Artist and Favorite TV Actress. By the end of the year, her character gained recognition as one of the best including one of the 25 Breakout Stars of 2011, MTV’s Best TV Characters in the same year, etc.


During the second half of the Glee’s third season, Naya was opportune to perform a duet with Ricky Martin. Also, it was in 2011 that Naya closed a contract with Columbia Records for her solo album. Besides being a star actress, a natural born singer, she’s also got a hosting talent. Naya hosted the GLAAS Media Awards in San Francisco in May 2011.

Naya was featured in October 2012 during the MTV’s third episode – This is How I Made It. Naya proudly expressed how her career grow from her childhood. Indeed, a very grateful star who never fail to look back where she’s started.


Rivera is an innate musician with a golden voice. You wouldn’t believe she had been writing songs since she was on her teens. Wow, isn’t that a great talent – a songwriter and a singer at the same time? No wonder she got all the opportunity to become the next most popular pop star.


Naya has blossomed to become a great performer on stage and in the limelight. With her astonishing voice and pretty looks, anyone would say she has what it takes to be popular.