Looking into the statistical figure, there are more people who fail against the battle of losing weight. The first few months are truly exciting. Each time you get on the weighing scale gives the vibrant heat. This is the time when you are fully motivated. However, as weeks pass, things change. The same diet and exercise don’t seem to work anymore. To tell you honestly, this can be very frustrating. Now tell me, do you really jump with joy every time you decline someone offering sweet dessert – may it be chocolates, ice cream or candies? Everyone who chooses to lose weight go through this process. But, the secret to successful weight loss is simply enjoying your diet and exercise plan every day.

Losing weight is never as fun with these delicious mouth-watering treats. Say goodbye to guilt while indulging with your cravings. You heard it right. Enjoy yummy recipes like healthy burgers and rolls even if you’re on diet. Take out your pen and notes. Let’s get ready to cook the best 1350 calories meal and shed those excess fats away.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Remember – just cut calories and not food. When you’re on a diet, never ever miss a meal especially breakfast. During sleep, we tend don’t take in food for 6-10 hours. That’s why it’s called breakfast to break fasting. It’s crucial to choose the right food to lose weight. Some end up gaining more instead of losing because they tend to starve themselves from food. Hence, instead of losing fat, the body may go to a starving mode converting the food you eat to fats.

Eat high protein foods during breakfast. When you take a lot of carbohydrates to start the day, you’ll be craving for food in few hours. The best way to cut those cravings off is to add more protein on your diet. Pair it with vegetables as these are good digestive sweepers. Vegetables are rich in fiber to help cleanse the body from toxins. Unlike sweet fruits, veggies don’t trigger insulin levels so you won’t end up craving for more.

Breakfast Meal – 300 to 400 calories


Vegge Omelet Delight

Beat 2 large eggs in a bowl and pour it in a pan burning at medium heat with a teaspoon of virging olive oil to make an omelette. Add shredded mozzarella skimmed cheese while cooking. Remove from the pan and top it with slice tomatoes. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of salt to taste.





Turkey Burger

Eat red meats and you’ll double the calories. A beef burger is around 600 calories or more with cheese and other toppings. So get white meats as substitute. Turkey meats make a delicious burger patty for only 200 calories. Add veggies and spices like carrots, shredded sweet potatoes, onion and garlic. Grill around 3 ounce of ground turkey patty and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add lettuce or cabbage, tomatoes and a slice of cheddar cheese. Extra cup of baby greens will make your stomach full. Eat it along glass of sugar-free carrot juice.



Now for dinner, you’ll need to take light meal. Tuna roll and vegetable salad would suffice. Top 3 tablespoon cooked tuna on 6 inch whole-wheat. Add a tablespoon lite mayo, a teaspoon of chop fresh tarragon and grated lemon zest, pepper and pinch of salt to taste. Grill and serve. Meanwhile prepare the vegetable salad. Mix lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and pineapple chunks with apple cider vinegar and salt.

These 3 meals account to only 1000 calories. So, you can add non-fat milk shake for morning snack and a cup of fresh fruit in the afternoon coming up with 1350 calories.