Celebrities are always regarded as blueprints of today’s fashion, from avant-garde clothing for certain occasions to everyday street wear that dominate even urban communities. While most places in the United States have their distinct fashion, Denver, Colorado boasts its very diverse trends. Just take a walk around the city and you will know that Denver locals really pay attention to how they look in and out of their home or workplace. Take a look at the following fashion trends that will give you a celebrity look.

One of the main goals of popular trends is to keep people visually appealing while maintaining comfort. Take this from the citizens of Denver, who are oblivious about how fashionable they look. Here are few celebrity fashion trend tips, straight from the busy streets of Denver:



Clothes that breathe

No matter what the season is, Denver residents like to keep themselves feeling and looking cool by wearing light blouses or shirts for tops, and breathable denim jeans, leggings or shorts. With a lot of space between the fabric and your skin, you can comfortably move around even with an extra coat on for cold weather or during winter.

Chic and professional

When walking on the busy metropolitan streets of Denver, it helps to keep an equal touch of professional and laid back styles. Achieve this kind of look by pairing denims with neutral-colored tops that have minimal prints or designs. Finish it off with a pair of leather boots/shoes.

Look great for less

No matter how expensive your clothing is, you may still find yourself within a radius from a person wearing the same piece. For a truly unique look that you can call yours, visit your local thrift shop for quality tops and bottoms that come from various fashion hotspots of the country. Yes, Denver locals do that—and they really pull it off.






Turn your simple outfit to a fashion success by wearing appropriate accessories. For men, a pair of shades or sunglasses will do the trick, while girls can put on detailed earrings, bangles, necklaces, shades and other accessories. This works best with clothes that do not have much woven or print designs.

Whether you are a true-blue Denver resident, a tourist or just an aimless visitor, it is essential that you know how the people in the city dress themselves. This lets you easily blend in the crown and feel the vibe of the city life, day or night. Moreover, the Denver-type of fashion can be easily worn anywhere because of its mix of modern and retro, as well as mainstream and indie.

Denver is indeed an abundance of hip people sporting unique blends of fashion trends. While the city is not in sync with the mainstream fashion of big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami, Denverites compensate by being trendsetters of their own, which manifests in appearances of prominent entertainment, fashion and political figures in print, on TV and online!