Your 40s is a great time to express yourself, especially to women. Say no to hesitations and insecurities and head for the latest fashion styles that suit you. You wanted to tell the world who really are beneath the surface.



Fashion wardrobes should be subtle yet sophisticated. Texture is one way to enhance your beauty. Beauty experts say that black may not be the best shades to choose at 40s. Although black projects elegance and appears vibrant with the right accessories. But then again, do add color and say to the world how bright you are. But don’t get too obvious or appear to be trying hard.


When it comes to clothing, there are various ways to look young and vibrant at 40s. One, you need to look into the styles and cuts. Mix and match patterns and cuts and you’ll definitely enjoy youthful glow. Trendy color like magenta is great for top to boost class. A good taste of necklace as accent will be much alluring. And do not forget a nice clutch or handbag to complete the outfit.



Be Fabulous to Look Your Best


Listen on what stylists share about magnificent wardrobes for women over 40. Here are some great fashion tips and common things to avoid when you are at your 40s:

  • Always consider comfort and ease when looking for the right clothes to wear. Fit matters above all. Go for something that suits your age.
  • Avoid dazzling colors. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment. Get something neutral and stay away from pastels.


You might consider few important pieces inside your closet. A nice blazer or coat is essential. It suits well to all sorts of clothing style. You won’t need to worry of off-the-cuff meetings and conferences. Basically, a pair of black pants is good to wear in most occasions. Be sure to include jeans and white shirts too.


Now, let’s go to the dresser. Jewelry and collection of accessories are very helpful in giving life to dull clothing. How about shades and make-up? The right blend of make-up works a lot to mask aging. In fact, make-up works miracle to conceal skin imperfections.


Modest make-up application will do the trick. Wear light make-up. Likewise, the same concept applies when applying lip shades and colors. Avoid overwhelming contrast in color such as wearing bright red lipstick.


Every woman has unique needs. The fashion trends and styles depend on what type of personality you wish to project. Fashion is a state of the art and is regarded as one of the greatest means to express oneself to the world. Whether you wish to stand-out or remain aloof, what is more important is how you carry yourself.