Denver is a vibrant city which houses the art and culture of its people. It features classy restaurants, seven professional sports teams and bountiful outdoor recreation facilities. Straddling Denver’s eastern plain going to the mountainous trails of the west, Denver has one of the mother earth’s spectacular places connected to the Mile High City, the gateway to astounding locations you’ll never want to miss.


A Paradise amidst the City

There’s nothing like Denver that can offer unique experience which was branded by some as the outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise. It is packed with the city life’s diverse neighborhood from historic landscapes to cultural suburbs.

A place enclave with fresh air, Denver is a true picture of Eden for those who lavish nature adventure. With its great proximity, residents and guest can easily access the state’s amazing spots such as ski resorts, fishing ponds and outdoor amenities for hiking and biking. Indeed, every cyclist who has been to this city will agree as Denver offers 850-mile bike trails catering the B-Cycle program in US so you’ll have the chance to experience the rides from the 50 different bike stations throughout the city. What a great way to unwind those hectic schedules away for the city’s carbon-filled air. It’s the best $5 spent in your lifetime.


The Washington Park features 4000 acres of land filled with beautiful and vibrant greens and flowers. It’s one of the Skyline’s fantastic stress-free rides amidst the busy metropolitan. The Wash Park – as many residents refer to it has two flower gardens, sparkling clear lakes with nearby recreation center.


Denver will surely satisfy your passion for nature and you can’t wait to see Denver’s Botanic Gardens. With more than 30 different gardens, don’t miss some from my list – the Rock Alpine Garden and the Winnie the Pooh garden. Your kids won’t miss the fun. Drop by the downtown aquarium and see hundreds of marine species. See how your kids’ eyes mesmerized as they see this 150,000 gallon giant aquarium. In addition, there’s Denver Zoo which unlike the typical zoo also caters exhibits including Tropical Discovery, Primate Panorama and African Savanna.



Rich in Culture, Arts and Historic Structures

Besides wildlife, Denver has numerous buildings and well-developed real estate. And much more with Denver’s rich culture and art. Come to visit the Denver Art Museum and historic structures like the 117 year-old Brown Palace Hotel not to mention the Colorado’s capital state – Denver’s gold plated dome is constructed with Denver’s local materials and among the top attractions of the Denver skyline. This structure is made of 24 karat plated gold in honor of Colorado’s Gold Rush days. These are among the hottest tourist spots which allures millions of visitors all over the world.



Fancy Restaurants and Shopping Centers

So much with pretty places, I’m sure you would like to experience the ambiance of mouth-watering recipes from Denver’s finest restaurants. Why don’t you visit the Larimer Square? It’s one of Colorado’s historic destinations with restaurants serving an array of dishes in varying cuisine. It’s a one stop shop should you decide to go to shopping. If not, proceed to Cherry Creek, it’s one of the best shopping center. Also, the 16th Street Mall houses more than 300 chain stores with 50 plus restaurants where you can pick your favorite fashion wears and home decors.



An Unforgettable Experience

After taking a tour to Denver and spending quite a short time with its natural landscape and scenic spots, I can say that I can’t wait to go back there again. Enjoying the fresh air and immeasurable outdoor fun, Denver offers the best vacation destinations no one should ever miss.