The Woman Entrepreneur at Her Finest


[one_half]America is the land of the free and the brave.  It is a land of equal opportunities where the good life is accessible for all, and success is attained through smarts and hard work.  Year after year we see businesses flourish and plunge, and entrepreneurs rise and fall.  We live in an era where culture and technology has changed the way we do business.  This is a time where there are no limits to what anyone can achieve, regardless of their gender, age or educational attainment.




This is a time where women can go out of the house and live out her entrepreneurial dreams.  She is not just limited to an 8 to 5 desk job; she can be the CEO of a Forbes 500 company.   Some of the successful women entrepreneurs are Oprah Winfrey of the OWN media empire, Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post, Tory Burch and Diane Von Furstenberg of the fashion world to name a few.  They are a source of inspiration for all women entrepreneurs.  By studying their business strategies, we can be like them.  As exciting as it sounds however, it is easier said than done.  Women in the business world face greater challenges due to the multiple roles she has to portray. 


She is the planner, the executive and the evaluator both at home and at work.  She is on constant decision-making mode all day, weighing options and cautiously budgeting her time, energy and financial resources to take care of her family and her employees.  She looks after the safety and well being of her children, while she strategize and implements projects for her business.  Yet she does all these with grace and strength.  She is the ultimate boss: she is efficient at mufti-tasking, superb at budgeting, excellent at PR, and outstanding at human resource. Add these to the fiery passion towards her business endeavor and she is poised to take over the corporate world.  With all this work, all women should be awarded with a plaque of appreciation every year.


There’s so much potential in women, and it is necessary that she recognizes her true potential through constant education and empowerment.    An empowered woman is someone who is economically, psychologically and socially confident to take on any issue or adversity that comes her way.  She lives with a passion and is not afraid to voice out her thoughts.  She is selflessly involved in social affairs and is not afraid to work alongside men in the corporate world.



Divatise For Warrior Woman understands women empowerment to its core.  Our passion is to help women entrepreneurs to create wealth and have a fulfilling family and business lives.  We empower women by giving them tools they can use to become professionally and financially independent and successful.  We believe that women are reshaping the society for the better.  Today  March 8th  The international Women’s Day. At Divatise we  celebrate all the accomplishments that we woman earned thru the years.

Today is the day for “Equality for Women: Progress for everyone”.


Happy International Woman’s Day!