I am avoiding all the things that make me look at myself as a lesser being than what I really am.

I felt the need to make a change for the better for my future. To move on with my past, I envision a clear future full of positivism and use the wisdom I gained from life’s lessons as a guide to the day-to-day living.

I have come to a realization for change and self-improvement. My soul is craving growth and thirsty for progress.

I have equipped myself for what to happen when changes take effect. I am confident that my heart is ready and that I will do well with anything that comes forward. My whole being is set to reach my goals for change and nothing can stop me.

My path to success starts disregarding unnecessary things to tackle. I remove them from my path. My will is tougher than any tough challenges I may encounter on my journey to the new me. I believe that these challenges come with learning lessons that will strengthen me.

Making changes in my life is giving me an opportunity to know about what I can do more. I can create happiness through the power of positive thinking.

My future is the end product of an investment of what I am willing to give up and take in. It is important to me. I have too much potential to ignore.

Now, I choose to change my future in a higher standard than with who I was before. My past is done, but my future is what I need to make.

Questions I asked myself in 1999:

1.What do I want to do differently from yesterday?
–I need to take care of myself first, eat more i am to skinny
2.How do I start this process of change?
–I need to keep my head high up and be proud of myself regardless of what happened to me yesterday.
3.What do I want to achieve?
–Personal, spiritual and economical success.