The summer season is probably the best time of the year for everyone! Get on your closet and pack your things for a getaway trip admiring the beautiful spots in Colorado. It’s one of the great places in the world nurtured with very beautiful mountains and scenic attractions not to mention the countless summer activities that will surely make this year’s summer unforgettable.

2015 Best Ever Food Trip and Events in Colorado





Hit the Endless Hiking Trails

No wonder why Colorado is among the top-listed destination for mountaineers. In summer, Colorado’s mountains and peaks bloom. It has the United States longest trails reaching as far as 500 miles crossing the Denver’s Rocky Mountains and Durango. Hikers who opt to take a shorter trail can likewise enjoy more than hundred thousand acres of land through national and state parks.

Unwavering Call of the Universe at the Paonia State Park



[one_half]Have you dreamed of reaching the stars? Or probably wished they are closer? Camping at Paonia State Park Colorado will fill your nights with bountiful stars. Stargazing is never as special when you feel the breeze drifting while enjoying the heat from the bonfire.[/one_half]



River Escapades

How about trying the adventure rides in Cache La Poudre River? It’s perfect for novice drivers and whitewater rafting experts. Within the geographic location Colorado lays around 20 rivers classified to various classes depending on river wave intensity.





Exploring the Wild

If you simply care about photography, visiting the wildlife is an interesting endeavor. Precious things in life are priceless. These include nature’s beauty. Don’t forget to check Colorado’s wildlife through the eastern plains where flowers bloom. July and August is the best time to visit the Rocky Mountains so you can see the variety of wildflowers pop and bloom. The Alpine Loop Scenic Byway is another place to go. Get ready to ride on rugged trails with your off road vehicles. Coming there can be a tough journey but the beautiful scenery and the multitude of flowers make the experience worthwhile.



Resorts and Accommodation

There are many quality hotel cabins in Colorado. If you wish the visit the Rocky Mountain, you may find lodging houses and inns nearby like Allenspart Lodge and Inn at Glen Haven. Otherwise, if you wish to stay in any resort, the Stonebrook Resort is only 8.7 kilometers away. Might as well experience the services from Nicky’ Resort which happen to be 9.2 kilometers from the Rocky Mountain.