The Argentines are famous for their love of eating. In fact, it is part of their entire culture. Socializing commonly revolves around sharing a meal. Invitations to a meal at the home is usually seen as a sign of friendship. Often, homemade food such as french fries, meat patties, and pasta are prepared to celebrate a special occasion, to meet friends, or to honor someone.A family dinner during Sundays is the most important meal of the week according to Argentine norm. As a result, homemade recipes are passed down from generation to generation.



Argentine cuisine is a melting pot of Mediterranean influences within the wide possible ingredients all over the country.But, it is most well-known for its asado, or barbequed meat. The Argentine people love to eat meat whether it be lamb, goat, beef, etc. No matter how it is cooked, to them it is still beef.


[one_half]Another iconic dish of Argentina would be that of revueltogramajo, which is a dish made up of scrambled eggs, ham, onions, and fried potatoes. Many legends have it that this dish was invented due to a breakfast mishap. Due to the lack of time to cook all the food separately, the cook mixed everything up in a pan and had breakfast. Sounds a bit messy, but the result was quite tasty.[/one_half]





The region northeast of Argentina known for its seafood. However, its specialty cuisine is the yerba mate tea. This popular and very traditional tea is quite bitter but does wondrous herbal effects for diabetics. It is a traditional drink served at social gatherings and is usually sipped from a metal straw called a bombilla.



Chipáis what we can call in English as a cassava and cheese flavoured doughnut or pretzel because the dish is mainly made of a dough of cassava starch, milk, cheese, eggs, and butter shaped into small horseshoe shapes or rings. The shaped dough is then placed in an oven and baked . This dish is quite popular in the humid north-eastern region of Argentina known as Mesopotamia which comprises the provinces of Misiones, Entre Ríos and Corrientes.





The northwest and Cuyo regions draw their cuisine influences from the native Indians and the traditional Inca history. Locro, a thick stew popular along the Andes mountain range, is a classic corn, beans, and potato popular along the Andes. The dish uses a specific kind of potato called “papa chola”, which tastes unique and is very hard to find outside of the region.Other components of the dish are corn, some form of meat, and vegetables. This dish is usually served during the winter time.


These are just a few examples of the dishes you may want to try and look forward to if ever you plan a trip to Argentina. Sure, it has various dishes influenced by and almost similar to that of its foreign immigrants. But, do not forget that all their dishes contain that simple hint of something only found in Argentina.