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dkbfldafDivatise Magazine features best tips and tricks for business, fashion, health, lifestyle, entertainment, living and luxury. With its exclusive focus on women and entrepreneurs, Divatise media is one of the top sourced Magazines that cover the latest trends. Compiled by state-of-the-art graphic designers, contributors and writers, Divatise Magazine is full of learning resources that you can ever think about. We use high quality images specifically shot by our highly trained photographers who work with an epic team of journalists to put great ideas to writing.

Divatise Readers

dkbfldafDivatise media demographics simply match with the latest and hot trends. Our community targets middle aged people especially the women. We also host a Gala event, Wakeup Your Warrior Ceremony, Wakeup Your Warrior 5k and Wakeup Your Warrior Expo event at different times of the year. We receive high number of like-minded guests on our events that collaborate to air their views or even brainstorm different ideas to uplift their lives.

Divatise Magazine Print Circulation

dkbfldafDivatise Magazine is released once in a year. This means our; journalists, photographers and writers can gather enough material for 1 year to keep you entertained, educated and informed. Our magazines are available on different meeting areas where people can access them easily. These include salons, health institutions and public offices where people can spot the Magazines and read them for some time. We have also selected different bookstores and shops to reach more people and of course, you can subscribe to our Magazines and have them delivered at your doorstep.

Divatise Online

dkbfldafIn addition to our print media, Divatise has established the best presence on the internet. Our website www.Divatise.com, receives good amount of visitors per month. We have crafted the best articles on lifestyle covering the latest live happenings, beauty and health. We also feature relationships tips, living, luxury and entertainment. At Divatise, we love entrepreneurs especially the women who are “waking up their warriors”.


Divatise Social Media

dkbfldafWith advent of social media, we understand that our advertisers and community cannot succeed without socializing on these platforms. Divatise is probably the best network with real FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest followers. By the time of writing this content, Divatise had 8K FaceBook Fans, 6.5K Twitter Followers and more than 5K Pinterest readers. Our social media presence is expanding each day with more people joining our network shortly after holding Round tables, Workshops, Expos, Fash-


Divatise Advertising Is So Much More

dkbfldafWith our networking magazine, events, wide audience base and a satisfied online presence, Divatise advertising networking offers so much more for our advertisers. During the events, we give our advertisers the chance to talk as hosts and even introduce some of their products. This way, we believe the products can move faster and get more public attention. Our advertisers also get on the ground contact with their prospective customers who can become partners or fans to their companies. In addition, advertisers get the chance to sponsor events to broaden their horizons since this will make them look more social responsible.

Divatise Pricing

Divatise is themost recommended network that has the lowest rates in the market. When it comes to our magazines, we can feature your products on a full page. We also have a banner and text based ads. To make the advertisements effective, we encourage our advertisers to run their ads on our prints/ internet for a full year. Whether you are just a startup or large organization, Divatise will take care of your advertising needs. We even design ads for clients as part of our services. We have the best market and graphic designers in our team. Be sure to check our fees below and advertise.




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