In recent years, the problem of kids’ obesity in the US has been alarming hitting 16% to 33% among children and adolescents. Take note also that overweight children have 75% chances of growing into obese adults. Unhealthy weight gain because of poor diet and lack of exercise is more of a severe health issue. There are several diseases that may arise from being overweight such as the potential for heart attack, stroke and diabetes.



Defining Obesity

According to WHO, obesity is an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fats that poses some risks to an individual’s health. Obesity is a medical condition that can be recognized easily. However, it is the most difficult to treat. With regards to kids’ obesity, a child can be considered obese if his/her weight is at least 10% above what is recommended for his/her height and body type. Usually, obesity begins at the ages of 5 and 6, and during adolescence as well. Based on a number of studies also, those who are obese between 10 to 13 years old h[/one_half]





Causes of Kids Obesity

As obesity is rampant among children, it’s time to look at some of its main causes. Lack of exercise is on top of the list. The lack of exercise leads to the calories that would build up to be stored as fat in our bodies. Junk foods and other unhealthy foods can also be the main culprit as these are very calorie dense. So, keep your children away from such foods.




Meanwhile, stress is also cited as one of the main reasons why children overeat. Kids who are under stress are likely to eat more than what they need, leading to extra fat build up. It can make a difference if you help reduce your child’s stressful environment. Your kids’ hobby such as too much TV and playing video games can also lead to obesity. In the past, most children would go out and play. This time, almost 90% of kids spend at least part of their day in front of TVs and computers.

Obesity is one of the most difficult conditions to treat among children. As a parent of obese children, there are a lot of things that you can do to lead them to a healthier life. Beat this obesity among your kids and present them the tomorrow they deserve.