About seven years ago, the Film Academy Award Board of Governors got Ellen DeGeneres to host the Awards night giving the entertainment industry a new genre of presenting the awards and hosting the show. Ellen often breaks the monotony of anything that is boring. DeGeneres being a top billed host as well as comedian added an additional spark for a once serious and conventional Film Awards Night. On the same night such coincidence that some nominated actors, actresses, and directors, seven years ago are once again have been nominated as Ellen pointed out, namely, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Martin Scorsese.



The show started with Ellen’s opening monologue that kinda fell flat, having only Jennifer Lawrence getting bleeped with Ellen remembering how Lawrence tripped last year and for some uncanny unfortunate event, Lawrence once again fell on her way out of the car tripping over a cone. In general, the show is somewhat sober, long,  a little boring but homey with bouts of goofy scenes that Ellen and her staff orchestrated as well as the selfies with the stars during the show that made tweeter ablaze. Thanks to Ellen for being such a great hostess. The most favorite scene of the night was the pizza delivery for Ellen’s friends. Though Ellen passed Pharel’s hat around telling everyone she does not have money. She asked if the stars don’t mind chipping in, which they didn’t and gave Ellen money as she went around with the pizza delivery boy helping her hand out pizza slices as they went from row to row where the stars were seated. Just take a look at Brad Pitt, showing good manners as he helped pass pizza and plates to friends before having his slice.